We are Diversified in pet food ingredients

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We are diversified in food ingredients

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We are diversified in Animal Feed Nutrition

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We are diversified in Dairy Ingredients

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We are diversified in logistics warehouse services

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We are diversified in Export/Import

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We are diversified in Co Product Recovery

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Diversified Ingredients has been exceeding our customer’s expectation with a focus on market driven pricing, unmatched customer service and a broad portfolio of ingredients.  Diversified Ingredients is an employee own business servicing the pet food, food, and feed industries providing quality products and just in time service.

Diversified Ingredients Strengths

  • Domestic and Globally Sourcing offering our customers competitive alternatives
  • Efficient and Flexible to help streamline your supply chain.
  • Logistic capabilities and extensive network of strategic warehouses and Transloading facilities
  • Experience sales team with a desire to provide cost saving solutions
  • Quality Team with a focus on mitigating risk.
  • Financial strength
  • Community involvement
  • Sustainability partners – we can assist in meeting your objectives